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Persuading learners
Trivie's site is the digital face for a learning workflow platform helping to stop the natural forgetting of information.

Introducing an engaging answer to knowledge-avid organizations throughout a highly interactive SaaS website

Discover how Quo Agency helped Trivie with a total makeover on their digital front, allowing more businesses to reach Trivie to turn training into continuous learning that their people will actually remember.

Trivie has built a smart platform to help stop the natural forgetting of information and to recapture and cultivate continuous knowledge across organizations. Our agency was asked to redefine the old site and to create an energetic and trusted one that provides a brilliant user experience for enterprise-level leads. The answer was shaped by a delightful set of animated illustrations, a fresh interface, and a user flow running towards to sign up.

Our Work

Having Trivie born into a fun and social goals environment, the use of illustrations prevailed among the brainstorm ideas that the team succeeded to produce. Furthermore, animating these illustrations was to become the cross-site main visual feature representing the website, for which the Agency proposed a series of engaging characters performing actions that symbolize specific brand features. This, combined with rich micro UI interactions, was to become the core of the user experience at the site.

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Supporting discovery

Marketing activities can reach a variety of people who all have different intent for becoming a customer. For those who aren't ready, we required building a visual interface that achieves brand awareness, content engagement, and social proofs.

Highlighting key features

The brand's designs were to help driving powerful engagement to the differentiation features, highlighting what benefits the brand brings over the cons of competitors. Succeeding on this will lead potential customers to the next stage.

Trivie Website 2x1
Trivie Website 2x2
Trivie Website 2x3
Trivie Website 2x4
Trivie Website 2x5
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Trivie Website 2x8
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Getting users to consumers

Getting into a good user experience interface required us to think as potential brand's customers would, and establishing hypotheses regarding what actions would they want to take. Those actions corresponded with a series of emotions the brand requires to transmit to people; the user experience would evoke these different feelings via a combination of shapes, colors, navigation, and content. Among a vast diversity of hypothesis, we considered; people discovering what the brand is; people trying to solve doubts; people researching deep into the brand's features; people searching for information and trying to solve doubts.
Trivie Website 3x5
Trivie Website 3x4
Trivie Website 3x3
Trivie Website 3x2
Trivie Website 3x1

Jonathan Sjostrand, Project Manager – Quo Agency, Inc.

"Trivie's challenge was an immensely pleasant one to take in terms of artwork production, competitors and industry reference research, and user flow hypothesis."

Ahead of competitors

As an outcome of Quo's work, the brand web interface and overall user experience –across different browser windows sizes– help drive powerful engagement to the business differentiation features, highlighting what benefits the brand have over the cons of competitors. And rather than using a direct speech, such differentiation was accomplished in a subtle manner, aided in visual appeal, the strategy of content structure and brilliant interactive artwork.
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Motion graphics designer
Victor Borges
UX Designer
Aura Mariani
Victor Borges
Account Manager
Diego González
Raw HTML creator
Jonathan Sjostrand
UI Designer
Aura Mariani
Creative Director
Diego González
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