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Tradepay is a B2B payment platform for businesses where all transactions are processed using part cash and part virtual currency.

Giving a real win-win position to businesses using an innovative B2B payment platform through a solid website

See how our agency helped Tradepay to put its customers in a win-win position trough a revolutionary concept while providing the brand a trustworthy web product.

Trade Pay is implementing a renovator payment platform for businesses where all transactions are processed using part cash and part virtual currency: 60% in $US and 40% in a virtual currency called Trade Dollars (T$). Our agency was asked to create a lively and friendly site that will provide an impeccable viewing experience while sharing revolutionary business information. The solution is a welcoming experience that increase value to the TradePay brand.

Our Work

Concept, User Journey, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development, Conversion Funnel

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Creating Challenges into Practical Solutions

Sometimes the writing of finances may sound boring or difficult to understand; Through the correct management of the animation and the visual part of the website, our team has been able to turn those attributes into an attractive and easy to understand product that can now explain friendly and exciting what Trade Pay is ...

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Top Notch Graphic Interface

Our Agency did investigate how financial institutions and virtual wallets visually represent abstract concepts, such as virtual currency transactions. This allows us to use the characteristics of digital art pieces in the current trend, to demonstrate a level of modernity and innovation in accordance with the very purpose of TradePay and the cryptocurrencies. The characteristics to which it was pointed were isometry, shadows, non-edges. Also, soft and non-distracting micro-animations activated in scroll and hover were used.
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Jonathan Sjostrand, Project Manager – Quo Agency, Inc.

"TradePay venture is a unique initiative in an environment of financial revolutions. Having achieved a friendly visual interface for a so technical language was a pleasant challenge to take."

Simplicity on the Way!

The website was developed with a responsive layout so that it automatically adapts to any device. Our team dedicated the time to optimize the mobile and tablet view to ensure users are having the best experience possible when on the way.
Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.
Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor.


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Jonathan Sjostrand
Account Manager
Jonathan Sjostrand
Creative Director
Jonathan Sjostrand
UI Designer
Diego González
Diego González
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