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A complex Webflow-based e-Commerce solution tailored to a wide inventory of products

Taking Webflow's eCommerce default capabilities to a higher level

Learn how Quo helped Smoofs to bring coziness to their bean bags customers throughout an e-commerce that offers them an engaging and solid purchasing experience.

Smoofs required efficiency in the creation and  update of their UI for experimentation as quickly as possible. Additionally , the e-commerce was to hold a large inventory with three levels of categories and lists. Filtering options was necessary for users in order to have a great experience when browsing throughout the catalog. On top of that, a unique layout for product variants, a shopping list, a unique cart and checkout experience, ratings and reviews, Q and As, and a smart search and filtering options were key to the store's success.

Our Work

First, Quo aimed for a tech stack and designed alayout that would allow Smoofs to hold an inventory with three levels of categories to browse through, and more than 300 products available . Second, our platform election would allow marketers to iterate fast and efficiently with UI experimentation. Third, Quo made room for API integrations which Smoofs would use to synchronize data between the CMS and external databases such as inventories, reviews, orders tracking, and editors workflows which could be managed through other systems as needed (not tied to the eCommerce CMS). Fourth, Quo worked on escalation.

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API Product Sync Reviews

Our approach untied Smoofs long run dependency on any specific CMS. This is particularly valuable for reviews. Smoofs features reviews functionality, reviews excerpts, reviews sorting, and reviews ordering for uplifting customer trust. We made it possible for staff to sync reviews data via API – e.g. 3rd party reviews software – dramatically improving efficiency for store administration.

Smart search & filtering

Customers are able to refine their search across listings by categories, price range, and custom features for comparable products (color, size, fabric,certifications, and more that might be required by Smoofs). Simple and multiple selections for product filtering is also possible as well as sorting results.

Shopping list, shopping cart, and checkout

A made-to-measure user experience allows customers to add products to their shopping list while they are browsing throughout the store. Whenever they are willing to purchase, they can add items to their cart and review them just before proceeding to checkout.

Multi-category navigation

Smoofs is having the flexibility required to hold athree-level category store (grandparent, parent, and child categories ofproducts). Not only is the navbar beautifully showcasing this hierarchy, but also each category type is having a unique page layout that aims to enhance browsing and product discovery.
Smoofs B1
Smoofs B2
Smoofs B3
Smoofs B4
Smoofs B5
Smoofs B6
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Smoofs B8

A layout fitting business needs

After having researched and compared key user interfaces across more than thirty major US stores, it was determined no theme at any standard eCommerce solution would b a suitable fit for Smoofs. Thus, the UI and experience elements for our project were created based on scientific research and aiming to fulfill specific purposes. Frequency analysis of our sample allowed us to observe and gather insights on how key elements were likely to perform better: Navigation, footer, checkout, product page, categories, and listings. Every aspect of Smoofs was designed in the pursuit of sales performance and positioning it on the ground of the US majorstores.
Smoofs C4
Smoofs C3
Smoofs C2
Smoofs C1

Carlos Briceño, Creative Director - Smoofs

Smoofs required the possibility to iterate fast with thei rUI while holding a large store inventory, having complex filtering options, syncing data via API, and offering a custom experience. Moreover, against that requirement, our approach untied Smoofs dependency from any specific CMS, having the data Synchronized between databases via API, making it possible for staff to use the software, which became  more efficient in terms of managing all the content and products.

A great experience. Everywhere.

There are no shortcuts. The mobile interface is custom and user-friendly in every corner of the store and for every device. Everything has been optimized: the navigation bar, the search field, the mega menu for categories,the floating cart, the shopping list, the products list, the checkout, and of course, the product page.
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UI Designer
Diego González
Product Designer
Iriaxi Torres
Creative Director
Carlos Briceño
Front-End Developer
Maria Salas
Branding Designer
Diego González
Head Software Developer
Maria Salas
Business and Marketing Researcher
Nelson Rojas
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