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Moons is an outsourcing of content services for social media that allows to know the price before a contract, which can also be done immediately online.

Proposing value by offering a clear and direct price and the immediate contracting of the service

See how our agency supported Moons create a content services platform with transparent pricing, prompt hiring, and a time-saving contract management process.

Moons is proposing a very simple way of managing outsourcing of content services for social media, allowing the customer to know in real time how much this will cost, as well as what exactly what will be received in return. Our agency was asked to create the web platform that Moons would use to sell high-quality content to be used by its customers in their social media campaigns. The offer is a clean, friendly and interactive product in benefit of the Moons brand.

Our Work

Concept, User Journey, UX/UI, Conversion Funnel, Web Design, Web Development

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Cristal-clear Service Description

Our team understands that social media budgets can be tricky; so the services offered by Moons are grouped into easy-to-understand categories, so the customer can easily learn what is she/he receiving in return for the investment made.

Price and Hiring as You Need It: Right Away!

A pricing process was defined in which the customer knows immediately how much the product will cost before buying it.

Freedom of Time

Moons offers the client a social media content curation process that avoids wasting unnecessary time on the organization.

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Simplifying the Complexity of Ambiguity

Creating graphic content to represent the concept of the service Moons offers was a challenge due to its ambiguity. Through unique and representative illustrations developed for the brand, it was possible to graphically represent the Moons' object in a fresh and original way, without having to require the use of images commonly found and used on the web.
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Aura Mariani, Head of User Experience Design – Quo Agency, Inc.

The Moons project was a quite interesting one to take; their pricing standardization introduces a clear and straightforward way of agreements for acquiring social media design services.

Responsive Anytime!

Our team dedicated the time to optimize the mobile and tablet view to ensure users are having the best experience possible when on the way. The website was developed with a responsive layout so that it automatically adapts to any device.
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Creative Director
Jonathan Sjostrand
Creative Director
Jonathan Sjostrand
UX Designer
Diego González
Diego González
UI Designer
Diego González
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