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A user-friendly E-Commerce site that showcases a simple and sleek design

Combining beautifully designed banners with a great user experience to build a user-friendly online store is a comprehensive E-Commerce site that aims to provide a great user experience to everyone that wants to acquire a high-quality menstrual cup, desires to learn how to use one and also keep themselves informed on the positive impact they make by buying MonthlyCup’s products.

Menskopp, also known as MonthlyCup for English customers, is the first menstrual cup brand in Sweden, providing superior menstrual protection in terms of economy, environment, health, and convenience. Over the years, the brand has become a strong foundation that helps to educate and break down the stigma about periods and menstrual protection, for this reason, is much more than just an E-Commerce site, is a place to learn more about menstrual cups, how to use them, their positive impact on the environment, menstrual health, and the company’s work on developing countries. MonthlyCup’s site provides users with valuable information and the opportunity to seamlessly acquire high-quality products.

Our Work

With detailed and organized information obtained from exhaustive research done by our team, we were able to face this challenge. Quo combined the agency's graphic design imprint on beautiful banners with a solid E-Commerce interface to create a site that matches MonthlyCup’s high-quality products and great service to the community. The final product balances aesthetics with functionality, aiming to provide a great user experience and improve our client's conversion rates.

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Outstanding Banners

Aesthetics were a big part of this project while beautifully designed animated banners helped make the site really appealing for users.

Neatly Designed Shopping Cart

The shopping cart page is a really important element on E-Commerce sites, that's why it was key to design a clean and simple interface for this particular section.

Not Just an Online Store is much more than an online store, it allows users to learn more about different topics regarding menstrual cups, periods, the environment, and much more through blog articles and informational pages.

Comprehensive Product Pages

Quo successfully overcame the challenge of creating pages to match MonthlyCup’s catalog of high-quality products while making sure to portrait the menstrual cup properly as their signature element.
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Always Thinking About the User Experience

All across the site, visitors can navigate easily through stunning graphics, well designed product cards, and comprehensive product pages where they can buy the menstrual cup they are looking for.
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Michael Cavallin - CFO at MonthlyCup

Strongly recommended and great designing results. Experienced and creative staff with a great structure they may help out in both small and large projects. We work with them on a distance all the way from Sweden and we look forward to expanding our future business together.
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Looking Great On All Devices allows their visitors to enjoy a clean user interface and smooth user experience across different devices, screen sizes and browsers. This makes it easier for everyone to acquire MonthlyCup’s products anytime, anywhere.
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Banner Designer
Diego González
Creative Director
Diego González
Raw HTML creator
Ron Herrera
UX Designer
Diego González
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