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Extraordinary difference
Menstrual Cup is an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable products for woman hygiene.

"Finding the Small Change that Made the Big Difference!"

See how Quo supported MonthlyCup to carry out the redesign of its logo taking into account the need to have a better focus on the target consumer market of its innovative product. That's not all, Quo Agency had the privilege of helping MonthlyCup's brand grow by creating beautiful graphics, illustrations, animated ads and so much more.

The Challenges… To ensure that the customers don’t lose their association with the brand despite the proposed changes to the logo. Also, to familiarize the audience with the new brand identity, styles of photography and illustration that are now associated with MonthlyCup.

Our Thinking

For the logo we proposed to make very subtle and well-calculated changes, specifically in color and contrast, also simplifying the morphology of the pictorial brand and perfecting the typography. For the photo and art production we focused on making it vibrant by using vivid colors.

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"Its Impact…"

Giving support to the Menstrual Cup Brand to break the paradigm of using the pad and tampon.

Premium User Experience

Our primary focus creating Hippo was the user experience and our main goal was to make listening to music a seamless experience for everyone. Hippo allows users to hit play to the soundtrack of their lives, enjoy music to its fullest and forget about the rest.

Custom Playlists

Users can create and edit their custom playlists anytime, anywhere. But that’s not all, playlists can be made public for all users to listen and add to their favorites.

Connect with music, share it with others

Music lovers can share their favorite songs, albums, artists or playlists with their friends across social media thanks to Hippo, providing a collective musical experience.
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Menstrual Cup is an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable products for woman hygiene.

Menstrual Cup is an environmentally conscious alternative to disposable products for woman hygiene.
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Isabel Vega, Designer – Quo Agency, Inc.

"MonthlyCup's logo is a quite great sample of how much detail and work stand behind a subtle evolution, and how such evolution is improving the brand's opportunities."
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Product Designer
Aura Mariani
Account Manager
Diego González
Business and Marketing Researcher
Diego González
Branding Designer
Victor Borges
Branding Designer
Adriana Rodríguez
Jefferson González
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