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Conditional logic

cutting healthcare costs
Conditional logic to determine experiences for IOS users

Cutting costs by making experiences customization more efficient and improving the health of women

Monthly Conditional Logic Web app allows physicians to build data-based experiences for IOS users based on average behaviors and logged activities to test if-then or case logic the dataset applies to them.

Menstrual Control applications are currently allowing women with tailored notifications and insights based on pre-specified rules made over development stages.  While these experiences, without conditional logic engines, are enough for IOS to end-users, it grows inefficient for developers to get up to date with new notifications and different messages for IOS users that engage them – Neither physicians allowed with an approach other than passing information to developers, for them to translate it into code.

Our Work

Monthly Conditional Logic Web app Rule Builder was designed to provide physicians with an environment in which to add and understand conditional logic rules as easy as creating simple sentences.  They can set up triggers based on the users data-behaviors and logged activities in the past and immediate present, thus providing targeted healthcare advice, insights, and forecast.

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Patterns finding

Allowing physicians to explore non-linear patterns in the data and having help to detect anomalies that move significantly away from regular models, so to build alerts for advising to go for medical consultation on time.

Targeted advice

Physicians can feed on data to build conditionals and tailor pseudo-diagnosis suggestions or provide out with health insights, either related to birth control, moods, pregnancy, symptoms, or even vaginal flow.

Health Forecast

Physicians can analyze data and build triggers that anticipate average values for users health data, such as average cycle or period duration, fertility windows, or forecasts for period starts and endings.

Structured data

Our conditional logic algorithms depend primarily on one thing: data. Trustworthy data to be fed into them. Healthcare data that is well structured, shaped and held in a form designed for computers to understand, although recorded by humans.
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Cutting costs by making experiences customization more efficient and improving the health of women

An efficient play is now a fact. Medically proficient software-assisted doctors replacing a bureaucratic group of doctors, note-takers, and coders. Processing more and more data faster, and allowing physicians to make better decisions benefiting from guided diagnoses.
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Software development has yet to transform healthcare and cutting losses by making practitioners more efficient and improving the health of patients. Although there are indications of these efforts here and there, the necessary resources—data, namely—are lacking. However, the dream of medically proficient doctors assisted by as equally proficient software is not to be disregarded.
Diego Gonzalez, Business Development Manager – Quo Agency, Inc.


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