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Discover how Quo Agency helped Menskopp with designing and building a tool that would allow them to create branded and content-rich emails tailored to custom design needs, granular control on mobile responsiveness, and multi-language requirements that held Scandinavian types.

Menskopp, also known as MonthlyCup for English customers, is the first menstrual cup brand in Sweden, providing superior menstrual protection in terms of economy, environment, health, and convenience. Over the years, the brand has become a strong foundation that helps educating and breaking down the stigma about periods and menstrual protection, for which Email is a fundamental communication channel. Hence, the brand stood in need of a solution for producing marketing and transactional emails (e.g. newsletters, offers, informational letters, successful transactions notifications, and more system generated emails). Key items to consider involving the possibility to control whether or not certain sections of emails would appear on desktop or mobile (or both), getting design templates tailored to the brand's specific requirements, and allowing users to produce multi-language Scandinavian characters emails (oftentimes bearing failures with standard email engines).

Our Work

To be up to the challenge, Quo developed a web app that allows MonthlyCup to create HTML for emails within an intuitive, non-code, and everyone-can-use-it interface. Such a solution would naturally allow users to export email-clients compliant code. Email templates would be saved and organized so to be able to continue working over templates instead of getting started from scratch every time a new email template is to be developed. Creating interfaces for mobile and desktop was a disruptive feature to offer since no current email code creator would do so in such a way. And treating unusual characters would make emails able to manage Scandinavian texts.

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Smooth interface

Studies over key market leaders such as MailChimp helped to shape an intuitive, non-code, and everyone-can-use-it interface for users.

Compliant code

Email clients are inconsistently rendering HTML. Getting to basics with tables and in-line CSS and strong testing made our emails compliant.

Efficiency approach

Basic, though significant – Saving and organizing templates were taken into a super easy and efficient process, drastically improving productivity.

Mobile optimization

Quo took profit on the latest email clients standardization waves to get users able to build an email's variation that is different entirely for mobile.
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A tailored user flow

Distraction free interface specially designed to improve users common tasks and avoiding distractions on non-necessary pieces.
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Michael Cavallin - CFO at MonthlyCup

Strongly recommended and great designing results. Experienced and creative staff with a great structure they may help out in both small and large projects. We work with them on a distance all the way from Sweden and we look forward to expanding our future business together.

Visually responsive emails

The main pain to relieve, when approaching responsive emails for Monthly, became getting a markup that would be responsive on most popular email clients (including Google), and that would allow users to set up with easy whether a block would become visible for desktop, for mobile or for both. All of it, within a friendly interface.
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Raw HTML creator
Ron Herrera
Project Director
Carlos Briceño
UX Designer
Ron Herrera
Back-End Developer
Junior Jiménez
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