Care Clinique Web App Self-Service Landing Page Builder

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Prescreening Patients
A brand new web app to bridge the gap of research centers finding patients and vice versa.

Building a platform that helps research centers to streamline their patient acquisition process.

Discover how Quo helped Care Clinique design and build a comprehensive web app that bridges the gap of research centers finding patients and vice versa.

Care Clinique's team consisted of healthcare experts and online marketing professionals with over 20 years of combined experience, they look forward to the day that life-saving clinical trials are within the reach of patients with a click of a button. Our client's latest step on this journey is this web application that aims to reinvent the way clinical trials are carried out. This goal will be possible thanks to features like a Self-Service Landing Page Builder.

Our Thinking

‍To meet our client's expectations, it was key to build a web app that provides quality patient leads for clinical trials. But that’s not at all, our biggest challenge was to find the balance between having these features fully functional on the app while keeping an aesthetically pleasing design and an interface that’s easy to navigate. The main goal was to give users the best experience possible.

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Clean User Interface

A neatly designed user interface was a key element that Quo built for this web application. Said interface allows everyone to browse the app easily while looking at a layout that’s visually appealing but not distracting.

Self-Service Landing Page Builder

For Care Clinique, it was fundamental to offer the service of patient prescreenings with specialized custom landing pages that are easy to build. Quo successfully added this feature to our client’s web app to allow research facilities to get the right patients without wasting a lot of time and money.

Custom Forms and Calls to Action

Care Clinique aims to provide its clients with fully custom features to prescreen their patients. The most important of these features Quo built for their Landing Page Builder are forms that allow research facilities to ask their prospect patients for relevant information, and CTAs that convince prospects to apply.

Detail-Oriented Dashboard

For this project, Quo created a dashboard that collects and presents prescreening related information in a clear and user-friendly way. Thanks to this, staff members of research facilities can evaluate the data that's important to their department or project (reports, charts and data analytics).
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Making things easier for all kinds of users

No matter if users of Care Clinique’s web app are patients or staff members of research facilities, they all get to navigate easily through a smooth interface while having the best experience possible during a clinical trial.
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Edgar Carrizales - Back End Developer

Our biggest challenge was to find the balance between having these features fully functional on the app while keeping an aesthetically pleasing design and an interface that’s easy to navigate
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All the features, fully responsive

Care Clinique’s web app works in screens of every size, and not only in desktop but also mobile devices. That means patients and staff members of research facilities will be able to use every feature the app has to offer, whenever they are, wherever they are and get updates on the clinical trials instantly.
“Design is where art and science break even.”
Robin Mathew, Indian designer.

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Edgar Carrizales
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