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Improving Patients Care
Dynamic database scheme. In app messaging. Pipeline and grid visualization.

Building a modern PRM application that help medical research centers to improve patients care with dynamic records management, pipeline view, messaging, appointments, and robust statistics.

Discover how Quo helped medical research centers design and build a comprehensive web app that bridges the gap between research and patients.

Medical research centers needed databases tailored to that information they require from patients, no matter how much information, nor how complex: Quo was to allow research staff with a highly dynamic database structure they could customize for each study as per required, creating fields for each health condition they could possibly consider, and relating conditions that had relationships between them. Patients' profiles, including medical history, health conditions, and past treatment programs, were to be managed and accessed with simplicity prior to appointments. They required having a comprehensive picture of the patient, closing the gap that plages other EMR-based data sets. They also needed to reach patients via eMail and SMS right within the patient's card, as well as get replies from patients. In the same vein, bulk messaging was necessary to reduce the time required for reaching patients with common notifications for studies. In addition to this complexity, but not less important, the software solution was to allow staff to manage appointments within a single thread, keeping this centralized records of communications.

Our Work

Dynamism for structuring fields in the database, pipeline view, messaging, tagging, filtering data, booking appointments, robust staff permissions, and viewing behavioral statistics were core features for our solution. On top of it, Quo developed the possibility to follow activities for each patient, track their medical symptoms, and switch views with easy for quick patient management. There is even more, though, in Quo's development for this PRM: and that is about making it possible to dynamically modify the structure of the medical records database for transforming such a database in whichever schema medical personnel requires. Such a possibility supports complex linking between database items, thus making it possible to play with the setup of medical records that depend on values for other types of records: e.g. diseases, symptoms, or allergies.

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Complex Database Management

Staff can dynamically modify the structure of the medical records database for transforming such a database in whichever schema medical personal requires. Such a possibility, furthermore, supports complex linking between database items, thus making possible to play with the setup of medical records that depend on values for other types of records: symptoms, pathological conditions, lifestyle records, diseases, prescriptions for drugs, and more.

Advanced Messaging

Quo developed a set of efficient communications channels that would allow Staff to reach patients via eMail and SMS, right within the patient's card at the PRM, and patients to reply conversations right within their email or phone devices. All emails, SMS, and appointment bookings, can be managed by the Staff within a single thread, keeping thus centralized records of communications. Bulk emailing or SMS is also possible.

Track on appointments and activities

Beyond managing static patient's data, our software allows staff to follow up visits to installations, phone calls, scheduled appointments, annotations, and other patient's activities. Staff can book appointments for patients for specific facilities, and patients can access their appointment's information at their patients dashboard. The Calendar area will allow researchers with an overview on the overall facilities appointments.

Dynamic pipeline and grid visualization

Data can be displayed as an interactive drag and drop pipeline view, having the grid customized to fit the workflow that might be required at a certain time, and so offering researchers with a huge level of personalization in their experience and thus improving efficiency. Also, a clean grid-like visualization option is available to suit these scenarios on which studying the data fields of many patients in a row is desired.
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Relevant interactive reports

Overall, the PRM we developed is highly dynamic in terms of how data can be shaped to fit a plethora of scenarios. And as staff shapes the data structure, so the reports are shaped. These are created dynamically based on the fields that the databases for patients are having. It is possible to have them created by status, facilities, campaigns, dates, messaging channels, tags, diseases, physicals, diagnosis, allergies to food or drugs, symptoms, …, and virtually any other field used for keeping track on the patient's records.
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Edgar Carrizales - Back End Developer

The complexity this software allows us to carry on for managing data is remarkable. Medical records can take many shapes. And these records can be interlinked in ways research centers could not pre-set – Rather, the scheme was to be dynamic and created while inputting data for patients, accordingly to each facility / study particular need.
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All the features, fully responsive

Care Clinique’s web app works in screens of every size, and not only in desktop but also mobile devices. That means patients and staff members of research facilities will be able to use every feature the app has to offer, whenever they are, wherever they are and get updates on the clinical trials instantly.
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