Betelgeuse Icon Set

Beautiful icons

Empowering designs
Betelgeuse is a multi-purpose set of icons with a very particular visual style and with a distinctive technical approach for graphic design use.

Using an efficient work framework for designing a massive set of beautiful icons

See how our agency created an extensive group of multi-purpose icons that can be customized as desired by designers.

Betelgeuse has developed an amazing visual set of 3,000 figures that cleverly uses a three-color palette scheme that syncs with Illustrator document styles so that the icons can be massively customized within any brand's palette without losing its multi-styles feature. Our agency had the challenge of creating a set of thousands of icons with the ability to adapt them graphically and visually to any brand, in no time; a feature for which both Illustrator and Sketch apps brought value to our framework.

Our Work

Working on a set of 3,000 neatly designed icons was definitely a big and also fun challenge for Quo's team of designers. It was a great accomplishment for the agency to create a set of stylish icons so versatile and adaptable to any brand that chooses to use them for any purpose they have in mind. When it comes to using the different elements of the Betelgeuse Icon Set, the possibilities are endless.

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Icon Design
Betelgeuse 1x1
Betelgeuse 1x2
Betelgeuse 1x3
Betelgeuse 1x4
Betelgeuse 1x5

Careful and Dedicated Aesthetics

The delicacy and aesthetics in the development and production of the icons were the premises in this project.

No Random Details

Betelgeuse leaves nothing to chance: careful attention to detail allows delivering a high-quality product.


Based on offering a unique product in its class, it guarantees an originality that stands out with the naked eye, achieving a visual impact that will not be overlooked, attracting the attention of potential clients.

Betelgeuse 2x1
Betelgeuse 2x2
Betelgeuse 2x3
Betelgeuse 2x4
Betelgeuse 2x5
Betelgeuse 2x6
Betelgeuse 2x7
Betelgeuse 2x8
Betelgeuse 2x9
Betelgeuse 2x10
Betelgeuse 2x11
Betelgeuse 2x12

Empowering Efficiency

How to create an icon-making process that allows designers to easily change the graphic styles of the icons in a massive way to obtain useful variants in a very short period of time? This is where Betelgeuse comes into play, being of great use to generate copies of the whole set of icons, but with different shades of colors, different fill shades, different adornments (points, sparks, waves, etc.) and different styles of drawing.
Betelgeuse 3x5
Betelgeuse 3x4
Betelgeuse 3x3
Betelgeuse 3x2
Betelgeuse 3x1

Careth Colmenarez, Head of Graphic Design – Quo Agency, Inc.

"Working with Betelgeuse was a very pleasant challenge to take. The icon set delivers high-quality standards and promises further customization in colors, strokes, shapes and background patterns, becoming a long-term enterprise."
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Account Manager
Diego González
Product Designer
Careth Vanessa
Creative Director
Diego González
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