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Antares is a landing pages design marketplace for top designers and developers, making these designs in an innovative and efficient manner.

Providing efficiency to designers & developers, through an avant-garde web platform which will allow them to save more than time and money

Learn how our agency helped Antares empower designers and developers through a powerful landing pages marketplace, in which they can quickly find what they need for customizing website templates as they like.

Antares has created a newfangled online marketplace to be used by web designers and developers, who can customize landing website templates from the master database Antares can provide. Our agency was challenged to create an online platform plus the template designs and all of its elements that could reach an outstanding friendly and easy to use experience while giving the best graphic interface as possible. The proposal is a pleasant experience that delivers a rewarding effect to the Antares brand.

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User Journey, UX/UI, Conversion Funnel, Web Design, Web Development

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Simplifying the Pricing Process

A pricing process was set up in which the customer knows immediately how much the product will cost before to buy it.

The Power To See How Really It Will Be

Antares allows the customer to know how the landing page will be. Through the practical use of the color palette, the customizing process becomes in a much more creative experience.

The Versatility of Adaptation By Professional Theme

It is possible to adapt the website not only with the color palette but with various professional themes depending on the customer's interest.

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Redefining the Conventional Interface

How to show an unconventional product that you did not want to display in a conventional way? That's why Antares was born, proposing a unique and innovative user interface experience, which lets to travel the site in a pleasant and fast way, without technical complications associated with the process of creating the landing page.
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Jonathan Sjostrand, Project Manager – Quo Agency, Inc.

"Antares venture is a unique initiative in which achieving a friendly visual interface for a so technical language was a pleasant challenge to take."

Adaptability at Your Fingertips!

The website was developed with a responsive layout so that it automatically adapts to any device. Our team dedicated the time to optimize the mobile and tablet view to ensure users are having the best experience possible when on the way.
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Product Designer
Diego González
UI Designer
Diego González
Account Manager
Jonathan Sjostrand
Business and Marketing Researcher
Diego González
UX Designer
Diego González
Raw HTML creator
Jonathan Sjostrand
Creative Director
Jonathan Sjostrand
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