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project: Primal Treestands website
A treestands catalog site

designed to lift hunters' experience.

“Our company has now done multiple projects with Quo Agency, and each project has been a new adventure and experience. Quo’s team always handles each project with a high attention to detail and strong sense of efficiency. They always have a solution or workaround for whatever issue we come across, and we appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction. We highly recommend using Quo Agency for your next website!”

~ Primal Treestands

Introducing the client

Primal Treestands is a brand that sells treestands for those who are involved in the world of hunting. They direct their business to veteran hunters and curious non-hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and city dwellers, and anyone else who shares the interest in the art of hunting. Quo has been working with them since 2018.

Goals to


Primal contacted us as they were in need of a design and development of a website that served as a catalog for their products . This way, visitors can access their customer service (contact support, register a product, request a part missing from any of the Primal products), review instruction manuals corresponding to the different products of the brand as well as seeing the different products the brand has to offer. With all of this information at hand, we were ready to work on their request.

What we did

We started with the design and development of a website that basically served as a catalog of its products so that its visitors had access to customer service, and review instruction manuals corresponding to the different products of the brand.

However, since 2018 different changes have been made to the site in collaboration with the Primal team. These changes include:

- Improvement of product pages to include information regarding where they can be purchased (retailers).
- Total redesign of the site based on designs that the Primal team gave us.
- Creation of a blog for the site.
- Creation of an eCommerce section so that site visitors can purchase both Primal products and spare parts/parts for said products.
- Adding a Reviews section to product pages.

Aspects of the process worth highlighting

One aspect that was very important for us was the creation of a simple and effective eCommerce on Webflow. Another aspect was the use of all the tools that Webflow offers and even working with some aspects that required Custom Coding, such as the reviews section.


Unlike what we did with AHS, Primal has not been a site built from scratch in which all the planned work had a beginning and an end in a certain timeframe. In fact, Primal has been a site that has been growing along with the needs/requirements of our clients. For this reason, the process has been a series of short cycles in which they tell us what they require or what project they have in mind, then we propose the ideal solution to carry it out.

When it was necessary, the process of designing an interface or graphic assets such as banners was carried out. After delivering the first iteration of the design, we sent it to them for review. If there was something to change then we moved on to a second iteration and so on until the design was approved.

Once the design was approved, we proceeded with the layout of the Webflow site and subsequent integration with the CMS of this platform. If custom coding was needed, we proceeded with its development and implementation until the desired functionality was 100% operational. Lastly, there was a QA round to make sure everything was in order before publishing the changes on the website.


At Quo, we greatly appreciate when a client works with us. Creating a simple and effective eCommerce on Webflow, using all the tools Webflow has to offer, working with some aspects that required Custom Coding, and turning Primal into a very complete website were our  priorities to deliver what Primal needed: a catalog for their products.

⭐ Credits to the brains behind the project development
María Salas
Front-end & Back-end Developer
Carlos Briceño
Project Manager, QA Tester
Daniela Cárdenas
Webflow Developer
Nayeli Valenzuela
Webflow Developer
Talents behind this presentation
Diana Morales
Creative Director & Editor
Nayeli Valenzuela
Webflow Developer
Carlos Briceño
Editor and Film Host
Diego González
Film Interviewee
Santiago González
Jonathan Sjöstrand
Sound Editor