Client: Acheson Harriman

Outdoors equipment eCommerce

A product and equipment site designed to enhance the journey of experienced and new hunters. 
Launched in August 2022, AHS brand new website is a great way for the company to connect with loyal and new customers through their vast catalog of quality, innovative and affordable products.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Quo Agency to create a website for our company. The team has been incredibly responsive throughout the duration of the project and do an amazing job of answering sent their way. I am thrilled with the outcome of our website and would highly recommend Quo Agency to anyone interested in creating a new site.”

~ Acheson Harriman Swan

Introducing the client

Acheson Harriman Swan (AHS) is a platform that sells outdoor products and equipment for the art of hunting. Hunters can prepare for their next season using AHS and have easy access to new and innovative gear.

Background information

We began our relationship with AHS when they needed a new website for their brand Primal Treestands back in 2018. We have been fortunate enough to help them grow this site over the years. Also, in 2020 we created an innovative eCommerce for their new brand “Outdoor Pregame”, allowing customers to purchase any products they want by only paying a small price upfront and the rest when their order is delivered.

In 2021, we were contacted by AHS to design and develop their new site that would focus on all things outdoors equipment, from an extensive catalog of their products, to instructions, assembly videos, and eCommerce. The site was launched in August 2021, and it felt great to see how happy our clients were with the results.

the goal to


Our goal was to design a website from scratch. Why did they need this new site? AHS is the new name of the Primal Vantage Company. We have already worked with this company on websites for the Primal Treestands and Outdoor Pregame brands. Since the company changed their name, they needed a website that would represent their new brand.

Why we wanted to work with them

Quality, affordable and innovative outdoors equipment can describe AHS’ catalog. Making it possible for them to showcase their products throughout our 3-year long partnership has been a great experience, and this time was not going to be the exception.

An aspect of the process worth highlighting

It is important for us to mention the experience Quo has in researching eCommerce user interfaces. In this project, we worked on the process of configuring a user-friendly CMS that allows our customers (as AHS) to easily manage the content (especially the products in their catalog) on the website without too many complications. Along with this configuration, we worked on creating video tutorials so those who are not familiar with the CMS platform in question (in this case Webflow) could use it without any problems.

How we wanted the user to feel

When working on AHS’ site, Quo created a hub where customers could easily browse through a comprehensive catalog of quality outdoors equipment products they can buy on the site or authorized retailers, along with first-hand information on the products’ features, instructions, and assembly videos; all in one place.


Before starting the project, AHS briefed us on what they had in mind for their project, in this case a website being built from scratch (including design, development,and launch), their structure, and their goals. With that, it was clear that we would begin the design phase, which included research, wireframing, and UI design.

Once the first iteration of the design was completed, we sent it to them for feedback. Afterwards, we started building the website on Webflow. Once this phase was ready , we sent them preview images of the site so they could give us feedback on how it looked on different devices/screen sizes.

Once the AHS team approved the pages we created based on their design, we proceeded with integrating the site into the Webflow CMS. This is especially important for some elements such as branding, instructions, or other types of collection or listing pages that are managed through CMS Collections.

We then continued with the integration of Webflow eCommerce. This included product listings, individual product pages, discount codes, checkout, order confirmation page, order confirmation email design, etc.

The penultimate step was to implement custom coding to create functional filters on the pages for categories and brand lists. Finally, a last round of quality control was performed to send the final version to AHS.


With every project, we have encountered challenges, developed new strategies, and gained invaluable experience. AHS was no exception as we were able to design and build a website that focused on an intuitive user experience. We configured a user-friendly CMS that allows AHS to easily manage their content on the website. It is very important for us to mention that this work would not have been possible without the cooperation and support of the AHS team.

⭐ Credits to the brains behind the project development
María Salas
Front-end & Back-end Developer
Carlos Briceño
Project Manager, QA Tester
Daniela Cárdenas
Webflow Developer
Diego González
UI Designer
Talents behind this presentation
Diana Morales
Translator, Creative Director & Editor
Carlos Briceño
Editor and Film Host
Nayeli Valenzuela
Webflow Developer
Santiago González
Jonathan Sjöstrand
Sound Editor
Diego González
Filmmaker and Photographer